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Rescue Me Chords

Capo 3

|C-G|Em-D| C-G|D|

Small town (C), young (G) love, big mistakes (C), same (G) old story
She (C) thought it was (G) best to just (D) run away
Hot head (C), fast (G) car, Joe (C) Cool, slow (G) southern drawl
And out (C) here nobody is (G) buyin' that anyway (D)
These two (C) lost souls (G) on two (C) bar stools (G)
Share (C) troubles, (G) pain and pack of (D) cigarettes
She took (C) his (G) hand and off (C) they went (G)
Cuz she knew (C) what he (G) meant when he said (D)
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Baby we (C) both (G) got walls to (D) break through (G)
But you ain't (C) got wheels (G) and I sure ain't got (D) wings
But baby I (C) know (G) that I can (Em) save you (D)
If you can rescue me


Well his arms (C) and her (G) touch, their (C) trust in (G) each other
They (C) both got something (G) they can't live without (D)
Some days (C) they (G) fight but those (C) nights they (G) love harder
And (C) harder (G) and still there ain't no (D) doubt
The hurt (C) gets (G) healed and (C) tears all dry (G)
He'll hold (C) her close (G) and (D) whisper one more time





Baby I (C) know (G) that I can (Em) save you (D)
If you can rescue me |C-G|Em-D|
You can rescue me |C-G|C|