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Camarillo Brillo Chords

"Camarillo Brillo"
Artist: Frank Zappa (and the Mothers of Invention)
Album: Over-Nite Sensation

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E            B         A      F#m     G#m           C#m
She had that Camarillo Brillo flamin' out along her head.
E          B        A    F#m           G#m              C#m
I mean her Mendcino Bino by where some bugs had made it red
E             B                  A      F#m       G#m        C#m
She ruled the toads of the short forest and every newt in Idaho
E         B               A        F#m    G#m          C#m
And every cricket who had chorused by the bush in Buffalo
E            B           A    F#m           G#m            C#m
She said she was a magic mama and she could throw a mean Tarot
E           B            A     F#m          G#m              C#m
And carried on without a comma that she was someone I should know

D                     A          G  D
She had a snake for a pet and an amulet
D                      A              G           D
And she was breeding a dwarf, but she wasn't done yet
        E          B       F#m         C#m
She had gray-green skin, a doll with a pin
           B                      A
I told her she was alright, but I couldn't come in

And so she wandered through the doorway just like a shadow from a tomb
She said her stereo was four-way and I'd just love it in her room
Well, I was born to have adventure, so I just followed up the steps
Right past her fuming incense stencher to where she hung her castinettes
She stripped away her rancid poncho and laid out naked by the door
We did it 'til we were unconcho and it was useless anymore


Repeat  second verse