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Let Me Try Again Chords

Let Me Try Again
By: Frank Sinatra 

    F                             C/E
I know I said that I was leaving, 
        Dm                            Am
But I just couldn't say good-bye. 
          Bb            Am7   Dm7
It was only self-deceiving 
To walk away from someone
                 Gm7/C          C7
Who means everything in life to you. 
         Ab                             Eb/G
You learn from every lonely day 
        Fm7                                     Dm7   G7
I've learned and I've come back to stay. 
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C         Am7    Dm7
Let me try again 
G7              C
Let me try again 
Dm6       E7      Am
Think of all we had before 
Am7   D7         Dm7/G  G7
Let me try once more. 
C           Am7     Dm7
We can have it all 
G7             C
You and I again 
Dm6            Am
Just forgive or I'll die 
            D7    Dm7/G  G7  C Gm7 C7
Please let me try again. 

F                             C/E
I was such a fool to doubt you 
     Dm              Am
To try to go it alone 
                  Bb                Am7   Dm7
There's no sense to life without you 
Now all I do is just exist 
         Gm7/C       C7
And think about the chance I've missed 
      Ab                       Eb/G
To beg is not an easy task
       Fm7                           Dm7
But pride is such a foolish mask

(Repeat Chorus except last line)


            D7    Dm7/G  G7  C 
Please let me try again.