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French Foreign Legion Chords

Writers: Schroeder/Wood 

Ab    Eb7      Ab     Hold Eb till ready:
(Comes in with a faded up "Le Marseilles"* underneath)
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Ab             Abmaj7    Ab6
If you turn me down once more,
     Eb7      Ab                    Eb7
I'll join the French Foreign Legion.
         Ab   Abmaj7        Ab6     Adim7  Bbm, Eb
Bet you, they would welcome me, with open arms.
      Bbm                        Bbm7
First you love me, yes; then you love me, no
  Eb7         Bbm7   Eb7
I don't know where I stand.
      Bbm7           Bdim7
Do we march together down the aisle?
      Ab6                 Adim7  Bbm7, Eb
Or do I march that desert sand?

       Ab      Abmaj7     Ab6
If you think I won't find romance,
Eb7    Ab                    Eb7
In the French Foreign Legion
      Ab        Abmaj7 Ab6      Ebm      Db6  Ab+ Db6
Think about that unif-orm  with all its charm
     Bbm                   Bbm7-5            Ab        F7
Just one more time are you gonna be mine, or au revoir cheri
         Db              Eb7       Ab, Db, Ab
It's the French Foreign Legion for me

Instrumental to verse chords

Then Repeat Chorus

* Le Marseilles is the French National Anthem
(or the Gilbert & Sullivan "Lord High Executioner" song)

:Charted by Bustopher the Busker -