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My Biggest Fans Chords

No Capo
Verse 1
G                                    D
Got a big crowd down on broadway and there getting loud tonight
and here i stand in the middle of the spot light
G                           D
play a few of my old songs, couple of them ol sing alongs
make sure its something they like
and weather theyll member me tomorrow
is really out of my hands
C                                G
with the help of ol jim beam and a few other things
D           C                G
tonight there my biggest fans
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and they dont know the right way
C                                 G
so they dont care if i get em wrong
and they just wanna hear drinking and cheating
C                            C
and lovin and a leaving songs
and they know im no big star
C                               G
cause tonight i aint got no band
C                                       D                    G
with the help of ol jim beam lord tonight here my biggest fans

Verse 2

heres to the whiskey that keeps the pretty girls dancing
and keeps this ol cowboy in town
keeps the barmaits busy and the young boys dizzy
and i just laugh when they order up another round

and weather thell member me tomorrow still remains a mystery
but tonight when they run out of money
ill kick the tip jar out in the crowd and they can drink on me