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Blue Collar Boys Chords

Hey yall Zac here again with some more Frank Foster chords, this song is pretty 
accurate. Yall be sure to check out the website

No capo

Intro: A G D
Well im poor boy proud
i like to get loud 
i run with a redneck rough and rowdey crowd
A         G                    D
you got your friends i got mine
yea i get by, by working in the sun
G                      D
picking guitar grocery shopping with a gun
A                     G                                   D
use a scope if you aint drug a buck up in a four wheel drive
A                         G                       D
and we dont need no caviar and no high dollar wine
A                  G                               D
and got cornbread sweet tea and brown patch moonshine
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We gone turn it on
Crank it up
ice down some crown in a dixie cup
A               G                     D
get back in the pines and lose our minds
turn it loose and get it right
G                       D
were all about a down south saturday night

and we working hard and making noise 

Blue Collar Boys

Verse 2

Best get out my way first day from off shore
cause im gonna ride around im gone ride somemore
and ill be bumping bocephus out the speakers of my 4X4
call up my country queen my dixieland delight
with cut offs and horka boots and cheater pipe tight
nicknamed the Florida mile cause shes out of sight
i get so high when shes by my side
feel like im floating thru the air like cloud deglide
got on my boots and spurs cause no on heard she gone let me grind



A yankee slicker from up in New York
down on music road trying to tell me how to be a countryboy
excuse me sir but have you lost your mind
yea take your shiny shoes and your suit and tie
and toat your ass back north of the mason dixon line
and dont forget your pen cause i aint gone sign