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Six-sixty-six Chords

(Written by Larry Norman)

 In the midst of the war, He offered us peace,
       C                      G
And he came like a lover, From out of the east,

With the face of an angel and the heart of a beast,
      C             D         G
His intentions were six-sixty-six.
 He walked up to the temple, With gold in his hands,
       C                               G
And he bought off the priests and propositioned the land,
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And the world was his harlot, and laid in the sand,
          C           D         G
While the band played six-sixty-six
 We served at his table, and we slept on the floor,
       C                           G
But he starved us and beat us, and nailed us to the door

Well, I'm ready to die, I can't take any more
        C           D            G
And I'm sick of his lies and his tricks

Solo chords: G  C  G  C  D  G

 He told us he loved us, But that was a lie,
There was blood in his pockets
And death in his eyes

Well, my number is up, And I'm willing to die
       C              D
If the band will play six
       C              D
If the band will play six-sixty
       C              D         G   
If the band will play six-sixty-six