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Lay Me Down Correct Tab

Artist: The Frames 
Song: Lay me down
Album: For the birds

ok, so this for me is the best frames song an deserves a decent 
transcription out here, i know at least part of its right cos i 
saw glen play it like that

Key of D

Chords D 557775
       A 577655
       G 355433 OR 320033

Opening Riff



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ok now rake these chords once



Then strum away

verse 2

D                      G
And if you want to stay with me

Chorus 2

  A          D  (riff if you want to)(the final time g---6h7--6h7--6
And lay me down 

Right this is in no particular order, and is off memory so if you 
want to put the pieces together or add lyrics .

Otherwise if you think it is wrong , use your initiative :j

Pontiac 2003