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Another Sunday Chords

Another Sunday.  
 Youll hear a lot more about Kev Fox and Andy Oleary.

A Bm D E 
A         Bm          D         E
Things change rearrange but dont you know
The sky will always be blue
Soft seat discreet i told you so
But tell me something thats new
Head is spinning im not winning
is there something i dont know
ask directions mirror reflections
i dont know what way to go

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A            E      F#m      D
But you can call me if you want to
You can take me down
Another sunday where are we goin
i dont know but i know ill be 

Verse 2 same chords as verse one

You know me you told me well who am i
i dont even know im blind
you made me a show of me well what am i
i cant even read my own mind
everyone can make a change
but nobody can do it alone
if you need me i will be there
ill show you what way to go



A                      Bm
Heres a little bit of something baby
D                      E
heres a little bit of nothing maybe  x3

A      Bm     D E
Will i ever know