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Freedom Chords

Hey Guys, It's Ethan from Christian Church Steps of Faith/Iglesia Cristiana Pasos 
de Fe in Kent, WA.
I have official chords for you that were given to me by Luke Breton Van Groll (I 
take no credit for these chords).
 God Bless !

Key of C

C       Am         F           G
As I walk, this life, You go before me
C     Am           F       G            
As I am, right here, I know You love me
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Am               F                         C
In spirit and truth, I worship You
                      G                            Am                   
I cannot be shaken, I will not be moved
                F                             C
You set me apart, and called me by name
                     G                          Am
Here I stand, in Your power and grace

        Am                    F
With passion and fire
               C                           G        
Lord I will seek Your face
          Am                     F
I see redemption
                 C                         G           
and freedom in this place

Verse 2         
Sovereign hands, faithfully, upholding me
Your Glory exposed, for every eye to see       

Am                 F                C                 G
Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, I am free (repeat)

2nd Bridge
Am                        F
You came and gave, You ransomed me
C                         G
The cross You bore, has set me free (3x)