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Stars Come Down Chords

"Stars Come Down" 
-Four Star Mary
Just done verse 1 and chorus. V2 is the same as V1. Dont know
solo, sorry. 
Basic intro/verse chords = Amaj -> Asus2 -> Amaj -> Amaj7 -> Amaj9 -> Amaj 
                           Bsus2 -> Dmaj -> Dsus2 -> Dmaj (rpt)
Amaj       Asus2   Amaj Amaj7
Sometimes, voices in my head
Amaj7       Amaj9               Amaj7    
Start to laugh, I think of you instead
Bsus2                        Dmaj
And the jokes bury me in the sand
Dmaj             Dsus2         Dmaj    
And I choke, and lose all your feeling
Amaj            Asus2                 Amaj               
I wanna walk to the bridge that you always said
Amaj7       Amaj9                  Amaj7 Bsus2
You'd jump off, if things ever got real bad 
Bsus2                             Dmaj          Dsus2
But I stop, for fearing that if I did get to the top
Dsus2     Dmaj
I'd follow you.

If the stars came down in a million showers
Dmaj                    Dsus2        Dmaj
And I made a wish that could truly flower
Amaj Amaj7 Amaj Dmaj Dsus2
And bloom over you,
Would you take your new life and get somethin from it,
Dmaj                Dsus2  Dmaj    
Instead of a lie and a broken promise?
Amaj   Asus2 Amaj Bsus2
Im here.....if you care.
Dmaj    Dsus2
Do you care?

Emaj -> Dmaj -> Dsus2 -> Dmaj -> Amaj -> Asus2 -> Amaj -> Bmaj -> 
Bsus4 -> Dmaj -> Dsus2 
           Any q's, e-mail me. 
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