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From Fri Apr 18 10:30:24 1997
Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 16:38:57 -0500
Subject: CRD: Sick Day - Fountains of Wayne
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     Sick Day
     Fountains of Wayne, 1996
     Verse I: Start with fade into Am7 - Dsus4-D-Dsus2
     Am7                        Dsus4-D-Dsus2
     Check out the girl in the harbor tunnel
     Am7                Dsus4-D-Dsus2
     Crawling to work, six feet under
             C               G 
     And the day has barely begun
      C                   G       D
     They're all chewing gum and laughing
             Am7                  Dsus4-D-Dsus2
     At the voice of the cracklin radio station
     Am7           Dsus4-D-Dsus2
     Lead us not into Penn Station
              C               G
     And the best parts just begun
            C            G    D
     We're all becoming one, again
     Am7                   Em                       Am7 [C?]
     And she's making the scene with her coffee and cream
                   G            D
     And the copy machines not working
     Am7               Em                       Am7 [C?]
     She's a hell of a girl, she's alone in the world
                            G        D
     And she likes to say `Hey good lookin'
     Am7           D
     She's on her way
     Am7             D
     She's taking a sick day
     Bb - C [?]
     Am7 - Dsus4-D-Dsus2 [2x]
     Verse II:
     And here is the man pushing paper past her
     Thinks of ways to make the day go faster
     But the day goes on and on
     He dreams of his lawn and all about
     The pretty careerist the next cube over
     The fat secretary the lunch-time lover
     Till the Path train finally comes
     The platforms full of bums again
     Chorus II [same as I]
     Solo over verse chords
     Chorus III
     And she's taking her time, as she's tossing a dime
     At the man in the cardboard coffin
     It doesn't have to be fine, she's ahead of the line
     And doesn't have to be here too often
     She's making a play
                              Bb - C - G [let ring, and false end]
     She's taking a sick day soon
     Drum fill and:
     Fade out over Am7 - D
     OK, there's some mistakes/simplifications in this one, but it ought to 
     get you started.
     Tab/Chord interpretation by Craig Carlson
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