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Seatbacks And Tray Tables Chords

Fountains of Wayne
Seatbacks and Tray Tables
From Traffic and Weather (2007)
Tabbed by Roo

Standard Tuning 

This song is a nice ballad in 3/4 time, it's the final track off
of Traffic and Weather.  This uses a lot of bass note, so the note 
following a / symbol is the bass note, i.e. C/G, G is the bass note.
This song is best played finger style, I'm not sure how they play it though.

Notes in brackets such as these: ( ) are to be picked, they are not chords.


C C/G C C/G Am Am/E Am Am/E 2x

Am            Am/G        Am  Am/G
Seatbacks and tray tables up
Am             G          C
Store your newspapers and cups
      E              Am    Bb              C
We're about to touch down, midwestern town
            C/G   C  C/G
Through the haze

Am         Am/G      Am     Am/G
Customs: a massive expense
    Am          Am/E  Am/B C    C/G
And I'm digging into  my   pants
   E        Am        Bb      
Is this Oklahoma? I remember this place.
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C         C/G      C         (C D E)
Trade one town for another
  Am        Am/E       Am     Am/E
Delayed now why did we bother?
A        (A B C#) Dm          Dm/A       E
X on the calendar square, new city, same stuff
Am            Am/G        Am A/G
Seatbacks and tray tables up  2x


Verse 2

Am            Am/G        Am     Am/G  
Seatbacks and tray tables please
Am         Am/B          C      C/G
Suddenly I can't feel my knees
E          Am      Bb
Second run movies, in-flight shopping 
     C    C/G   C C/G
Am           Am/G   Am     Am/G
Wheezing the air up there
Am       Am/B         C     C/G
Got me a backache somewhere
   E          Am          Bb
Is that Santa Barbara?  I think I've been there.


Solo over second half of second verse


Intro chords til fade

I'd say its a good 95 percent correct, give me feedback at