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Prom Theme Chords

Prom Theme      Chris Collingwood and Adam Schelsinger
Fountains of Wayne from "Utopia Parkway"

B                        G#m7
Here we are at last. The moment soon will pass
      C#m7                        Em
We'll go our separate ways. We'll vanish in the haze
B                                 G#m7
We'll never be the same. We'll forget each other's names.
           C#m7                        Em
We'll grow old and lose our hair. It's all downhill from there.

E                 Em            B                   Em      B
But tonight we'll reach for the stars. We'll rent expensive cars
    F#        Cm7         F#      C#m7
And dream our dreams of a perfect night
          F#       E-5  E   B
And we'll sing our prom theme

E-5    E     Em      B

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(The break is an instrumental with heavy strings that is basically a repeat of
the verse and chorus but goes off on a discordant tangent at one point, then
comes back to...)

B                          G#m7
Here we are at last. We're running out of gas.
    C#m7                      Em
The air is getting thick. The girls are getting sick.
B                                G#m7
We'll pass out on the beach, our keys just out of reach.
    C#m7                               Em
And soon we'll say goodbye, then we'll work until we die.

E              Em              B            Em              B
But tonight we feel like we're stars. We'll play our air guitars
        F#        C#m7          F#      C#m7
 'cause we're eighteen.  It's a perfect night
    F#      E-5  E   B
to sing our prom theme.
E-5    E     Em      B


(I'm not sure if E-5 is the right name for that chord. It's an E with a regular
fifth and a flatted fifth, first four strings only 0-2-2-3)

Transcribed by Ray Brizzi