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Amity Gardens Chords

I saw a lack of this song anywhere, so I decided it was about time someone posted a
decent rendition of this little croon.  Here's my interpretation, enjoy!

Em              C
angel broke her wing
G           C
oh you poor thing
    Am         Em         G          D
the hum of the motor gave way to the tick tick
Em             C             G         C
ticking of the clock and the rattle of springs
    Am             D 
the buick's in the drive
    Am         D7
its good to be alive
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       G        D         Am       D
and if you knew now, what you knew then
    C              G        C              D
you wouldn't wanna go home, wouldn't wanna go
   G        D         Am       D
if you knew now, what you knew then
    C              G     C     D        G 
you wouldn't wanna go to amity gardens again


it isn't very much
but for now its home
a room in the shadow of a funny lookin' man
on the phone to the bank about a default loan
I thank you very much
ta ta we'll keep in touch


  where you, came from

and act like you tried
Am                     Em
'cause some things are better kept 
deep down inside
    Am         Em             G
but you're not driving you're along for the ride
     Am               D
just checking out the scene
    Am            D7
and taking in the green