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This is my first attempt at figuring out the guitar chords to a song. I apologize 
if there is any confusion with reading the notation.  These chords may or may not 
be exactly correct, but I hope you do enjoy either way. I love Fossil Collective 
and this is a song that I think is worthy of being played on a guitar.

Standard Tuning
Capo on 1st Fret

[No guitar during piano slow part]



Verse 1:

Try to remember how the story goes.
                   G                    Am
I'm by the side of the road.
     Em                                         F                Am
The moon was high the trees all black as coal.

Why did I run where did I go? 
                            G               Am
Back at the side of the road,
    Em                                               F        Am
I tried to walk a long long time ago.

Chorus Part 1:

Am   Am7  Am   Am7
On & on & on & on
     Am              Am7      Am    Am7
The silence seems to matter 
F                   Am
Ah -
You are the one
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Chorus Transition 1:
Am      Am7    Am     Am7

Chorus Part 2:
Am   Am7  Am   Am7
On & on & on & on
      Am                   Am7      Am   Am7
The silence seems to carry on 
F                  Am
Ah -
You are the one

Chorus Outro:

Chorus to Verse Transition:

Verse 2:
I can't see the world from the inside looking out.
        G                             Am
Take me outside to the moonlight 
           Em                     Am
Where the seasons keep turning round

(Chorus Part 1)

Chorus Transition 2:

Am Am7

(Chorus Part 2)

(Chorus Outro)

(Chorus Transition 2)

Am (x8) Em (x2) Am (x2) Em(x4)
F (x2) Am (x4)

(Chorus Part 1)

(Chorus Transition 1)

(Chorus Part 2)

(Chorus Outro)


Am (x2) Em (x2) Am7 (x2) Am (x2)

Am (x2) Em (x2) G (x2) Am7 (x2)

(Song Slows: Look out for tempo change)

G   Em  Am