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Ein Lets Layaldut Chords

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From: (yehudai sigalit )

I will start by posting the chords to "ein kets layaldut" by fortis/saharof

the basic chord progression during the verses is

D A A#        play that 6 times, and then add C to ring

the chorus is

D A A# F C      play 2 times

and thats all there is to it.

"nitsotsot" by fortis/saharof

Am C F G  and note where he makes that move on the 3rd and 2nd string,
while holding G as a bar chord.


Am C F G   play 2 times, this G can be played either as 'simple' or bar

then go to
[ Tab from: ]
C G Am F     X2

and then continue like this:

G F Bm Dm A Em B C G D

then a short bridge:

C G D   X2

and start the second verse and outro with the bridge.

Play each chord in the song for about 4 beats. Listen to the song to get
the hang of it.

And last but not least:

"nag'a bashama'im" by Mashina

the song is a perfect example of a three chord song: Am C F , during the
whole song, including the chorus. Listen to the song to find out where to
do the chord changes, not very hard after you get a hold of it.

Anyway, if you want more, I know some more Fortis and Saharof songs, and
a few other songs(more Mashina, Artsi, etc.). Post some songs to the net,
and don't email me for them, because I don't have the time to type them
all up. Sometime in the future I will post some more, IF I find the time
for it.