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I use half step down because I think most of their songs are easier to play that way.  
I know it's not perfect, so if anyone has improvements, email me at or 
put up a better tab.  Hopefully this gets you most of the way there.
I didn't do the intro when Aaron narrates.

Dm		      Gm    C
Place your hand on mine, untie your mind.
Dm		      Gm   C                  F
Let your bloated brain balloon and float away.
C       A   Dm  C  Bb
Wet the end of the thread.
Dm	Gm	Dm
Thimble upon your index.

Dm		F
Set the needle on its path,
Gm		C
Bobbing up and down and past.
Dm		      F
Tears and seams all turn to one,
Gm		        Bb   Am  Gm
With every stitch and each spool spun.
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Feed the line through its eye,
Gm		C
Draw it from the other side.
Pull the strand to satisfy
Gm	        C    F
The need to compose,
C           A
The genetic gap.
    Dm   C     Bb
The scientific half
F                C
The detailed blueprint,
Swept under carpets.

Dm	  	F             Bb            C
All we did was spread the eye of the silver splinter.
Dm             F            Bb                   C
We simply planted the seed and nursed it through winter.

The rest is up to you to do with what you'll do.

F		      Am
To learn and love and laugh,
         Gm            C
Till the cycle circles back.
F	       Am         Gm	        C
I'll just separate, weigh anchor, disengage.
  F	       Am          Gm	    C	   D
Divide and disappear, I'll see you in the mirror.