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It Isnt Gonna Be That Way Chords

Just wanted to give back after taking so much from here.
 Thanks to everyone who posted stuff, it made it so easy to learn.
  A great tune for beginners, slower the better on this one.
hope to tab it soon with others, Enjoy. Correction, comments, welcome 
        Patrick Beaston

Steve Forbert : It isn't gonna be that way 

Intro:    D  Bm   G   A    (twice) Played slow throughout
 an easy one to learn, yet a great tune. Hope to tab it soon, 
unless you want to. I think Steve uses this Bm (xxo432) 
use what sound best for you. I use 224432

      A                  D                       Bm
V1:   You've traveled so far,  the wind in your face
                       G                     A
You're thinking you've found the one special place
               D                         Bm
where all your dreams will walk out in line,
                G                         A
and follow the course you've made in your mind
                          D               Bm
CH:   Well, it isn't gonna be that way---
                G                 A
 It isn't gonna be-----that way.   (2x's) chorus (D Bm G A )  
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          A             D                   Bm
 V2:     I came on my own, and felt much like you
                  G                    A
I thought I was king, and knew what to do
                   D                        Bm
    But everything burned, and fell from my hand
               G                     A
I had to turn back, or build a new plan
                                         Chorus x's 2             

                   D                   Bm  
 V3 : If I were a God, Id give you a clue
                      G                   A
 this minute would crack, and I could go through
                 D                    Bm 
and walk out in time, where noone has been
                   G                      A
 I'd come back to you, and tell what I'd seen
                      D        (D Bm G A ) 
   But it isn't gonna be that way...(repeat)
 V4: You'll just have to live, and see what you find

 and take it from there, and follow the signs.
 Yeah, you think you can live, and dream your own fate

 you think you can wish, and walk through the gate 

....but it isnt gonna be that way......It isn't gonna be.. that way
(repeat 3x's and fade)