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Subject: TAB: "Swallow" by For Love Not Lisa

"Swallow" by For Love Not Lisa

/ = slide

E5  (022x00)
F5  (133xxx)
F#5  (244xxx)
G5  (355xxx)
A5  (577xxx)
B5  (x244xx)
Cadd9  (x32030)
Cadd9(ii)  (x32033)
D5  (x577xx)
Dsus2  (x00230)
Dsus4  (x00233)

Dsus2    Cadd9
i'm not gonna bother tabbing this out, but it's pretty basic anyway.  once in
a while add in Dsus4  and Cadd9(ii).

   G5                                   A5  N.C.  A5
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  Asus2           G5                    F#5                G5

  Asus2           G5                    F#5              F5

then when the distortion goes on, it's:
A5  G5  F#5  G5
A5  G5  F#5  F5   (using the chords from the list at the beginning of this

then the chorus is played again, letting A5 ring as he says something, then
screams "as we ride.....ride,"  then play this:
E5  Dsus2     (x2)
A5  G5  B5  D5  (x4)
A5  G5  F#5  F5  ('til end of song)