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Baby Boy Chords

Capo 2

Intro (x2): E A 

Verse 1:
E                                    A   E                     A 
If you told me all about your sorrows I'd tell you 'bout a cure
E                                        A
If you told me you can't fight the battle 
There's a Baby Boy who won the war
The war was won by a Baby Boy

A                       E B
Alleluia, we can sing it
A                   E     B
Alleluia, Heaven's ringing
     F#m E A B
Endless hope, relentless joy started with a Baby Boy

Interlude 1 (x2): E A
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Verse 2:
E                          B F#m                           A
Oh before that silent night, no Savior and no Jesus Christ
E                                 A F#m         
The world cried out so desperately, and a Baby Boy was the reply
Yes, Heaven's reply was a Baby Boy


Interlude 2: E F#m A B

E                          F#m                            A
See the King is coming down, and He's here without a crown
                          B                            E
The Baby Boy without a bed giving life back to the dead
                            F#m                            A
And hear the angels shout it out as the people come and bow
Unexpected majesty, alleluia, what a King

Chorus (x2)

Outro: E

This is tab is all by ear and playing around with it and it is correct. At the end 
of both of the verses strum the "b" for 4 counts and let it ring for 4 counts. 
After you play the bridge and into the chorus strum the first 6 chords 
individually. At the outro play the "e" for 16 counts and after that let it ring. 
God bless!

Psalm 121:1-2