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I Saw You Chords

G              C
i saw you when you were on porn
and i told your mother it was not worth those ovaries
G               C
so you remained whatever you were before
cause i saw your future it was burning in violence
G                  Am
you don't know how long 
you've been waiting for this world
        G          Am         F
to come knocking
G                        C         
now i'm like yarn that's tied up in knots
so i'm kinda like you see we'll both be forgotten"
G                              C
though i saw your eyelids when they were sewn closed 
though i'm sure that they've seen things i'll never know
G                        Am   F
though this meant always feel horrible and wrong
            G                         Am                  F
cause there are some things you can't sing about in those stupid fucking songs
that you live in

Em F C

it goes on and on and on
it goes on and on and on
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