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Above The Ocean Chords

((Lyric check, verse 2 line 2))

Intro: D A G x2

D A  G
   D       A         G
Is flowing out of my mouth

F#     G                D    A
In the form of words to you
    F#    G           D          A
Cuz I was born with a horrible infliction that
Prevents me from
Ever getting to know the things you tell me

D A G x2
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D           A          G
How can you see so far anyway
        D       A        G
When we live in the same fucking day

F#         G               D              A
When in my dreams we could live above the ocean
F#         G              D              A
Only in my dreams will we live above the oh oh oh oh oh oh
A                             D    A  G
The oh oh oh oh ooooooooooooooCEAN

D A G x2, end on D