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Suzy Chords

So the intro is pretty much same as the verse progression ( Going from A to F# )

Am             Am/G#
I don't wanna talk,
I don't wanna walk,
I don't wanna hear about it
I don't wanna run,
I don't wanna spring
Am/G                    Am/F#
and I really don't wanna go right in
Your make-up
is pretty good,
your hair-cut
I know it could
but don't you see
that it doesn't bother me?

(Same verse progression)
Why don't you enjoy?
Life's splendid,
you don't need any toy
I'm intended for you,
so you don't have to run on skylines
Am            Am/G#
I don't know much
Am/G                     Am/F#             F
but what I know I've got to cure you anyhow
'cause I love you!
(I love you!)
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C/B                 F            G
don't you know? (Ooh Suzy, don't u know)
C               F             D            G
Heaven's not above tonight but 100 feet below

(I'm not done with this part... s: sorry)
don't you see?
That it's your life?
That it's your life?

(Same verse proyection)
I don't wanna learn,
I don't wanna turn,
I don't wanna think about it
I don't wanna taste,
I don't wanna drive
and I really don't wanna waste my life

Your big car
is beautiful!
Your wonderbra
so cool!
But don't you see
that it doesn't bother me?

Why don't you begin?
It's fantastic
you don't need anything
no plastic solution for your pretty face
Believe me

I don't know much
but what I know I've got to cure you anyhow
'cause I love you!
I love you!


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