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Time Like These (intro) Tab

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There were no posts for the acoustic version of the song, and the ones here are nowhere close to it so....

Title: Times Like These (Acoustic)
Artist: Foo Fighters
Submitted By: Pat McDermott

These chords are played durring the intro.
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e--2--         e--2--
B--3--         B--3--
G--2--         G--0--
D--0--         D--0--
A--X--         A--X--
E--X--         E--X--

Then the progression goes to D(4 beats), C(4 beats), Am(2 beats), G(2 beats), D(4 beats).

   D         C        Am      G
 e--2--    e--0--    e--0    e--3
 B--3--    B--1--    B--1    B--3
 G--2--    G--0--    G--2    G--0
 D--0--    D--2--    D--2    D--0
 A--X--    A--3--    A--0    A--2
 E--X--    E--X--    E--X    E--3

Durring the chorus, the progression switches to C, G, D for four beats each.

And that should about do it.