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Exhausted Chords

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Exhausted - Foo Fighters
Album - Foo fighters

Droppd D Tuning


By the Book - Song is pretty distorted but you can download the live version on an acoustic to get the sound of it and the 
timing. Live versions found at under multimedia and video.


Dm   G7/B   FMaj9  Am  Bb5  G/B(t2)  


The intro is played through most of the song backed up by a second guitar 
I have the second part for the guitar but Ill get to it next time. Heres the first guitar part anyways


Dm G7/B FMaj9 Am FMaj9 Am

This part Ill tab of the interlude to give you an idea of how its goes

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F5 G5 A5 F5 D5 F5 D5 F5 D5                 D5   F5 G5 A5 F5 D5 F5 D5 F5 D5                           D5
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| Repeat once

Dm  G7  FMaj9      A5(t2)            F5(t2)       A5(t2)

Back to the verse for verse 3 this time follow through with the interlude right after
Repeat the first part of the interlude four times after the verse and after a long pause finish up the second 
part of the interlude and the outro is basically the same as the intro but it fades out whenever your done. If you 
listen to the song you'll understand what I mean.