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Disenchanted Lullaby Bass Tab

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Foo Fighters - Disenchanted Lullaby

opening riff
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E-7--7-7------5-7--(7-7)------ x3 E-7--7-7------5-7--(7-7)--7777-5555-
A--------/7-5-----------------    A--------/7-5-----------------------

where i put the parantheses u can play 5h7, he does this sometimes
Next riff-timing isnt right, but the notes are, isnt hard to get the timin down

E-7--7-7------5-7--(7-7)----------   E---77777--4567-7777-7777--- x3 E---77777--4567-7777-7777--555555
A--------/7-5------------7777-5555   A---------------------------    A--------------------------------
                                     D---------------------------    D--------------------------------
play this before going into >>>>>>>  G---------------------------    G--------------------------------