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Dear Lover Chords

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Author/Artist: Foo Fighters
Title: Dear Lover
Album: The Colour And The Shape (Japan issue)
Transcribed by: Cody Morrison (the chorus, anyway)

This is a nifty should have been included on the North American 
version of TCATS.  But anyway, here's my version of the song.  Actually, it's 
the same as everyone else's, except that I actually tab the chorus.  
Well, I did change some things, because they didn't sound right...well, 
I'll shut up.

Chords (intro/verse):

   E-0-    E-2-     E-0-       E-0-                 
   B-2-    B-3-     B-0-       B-3-                     
   G-0-    G-2-     G-0-       G-2-                  
   D-2-    D-0-     D-2-       D-0-                    
   A-0-    A---     A-2-       A---                          
A7 E---  D E---  Em E-0-  Dsus E---                                           
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Chords (bridge):
   E-0-    E-3-       E-0-      E-0-           
   B-1-    B-3-       B-3-      B-1-         
   G-0-    G-0-       G-2-      G-0-         
   D-2-    D-0-       D-0-      D-2-            
   A-3-    A-2-       A---      A-0-           
C  E---  G E-3-  Dsus E---  Am7 E---                    

Chords (outro):
   E-0-    E-2-                              
   B-0-    B-3-                            
   G-0-    G-2-                              
   D-2-    D-0-                            
   A-2-    A---                  
Em E-0-  D E---                     


A7        D        A7         D            A7 
   Dear Lover, do you remember_________________
laughter with mine


Em         Dsus   Em      Dsus    
That was all I could fall in love


This is what sets my tab apart from the others.  The chorus is a bunch of 
ocatves.  The other tabs give you the names of the octaves, but in my mind, 
tabs are what people who failed music class use to play guitar songs.  So, 
I'm a nice guy, and I'll actually give you the fret posistions of the octaves.


"Did you find some happiness, with me..."

It gives a fuller sound if you play the same octaves on the high E at the same
time also.  If you just play the one set of octaves, some vibrato is 
cool...though not neccessary.


C, G, Dsus, Am7


Em, D