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Date: Sunday, February 24th 2002 18:24:53 (EDT)
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>Album "Self titled"

Someday                                      Written by: Craig H. King

D                                 G                            D
Sometimes I'm a little bit lonely somehow I'm a lot less only time
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D                        C9         Cmaj7 D
will tell if I was just time to kill      Sometimes my mind wanders

D      G                                          D
off to Somewhere I dream about everything but you someplace where

D    C9        Cmaj7 A                         F#-G  A
turn out my way      Someday things are gonna change somehow things

A       F#-G      B                      D
seem to stay the same well I'm makin' it through though it's hard to

G           D                     C9     Cmaj7 D
see how you do what your doin' to me    I hope someday etc......