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 Date: Saturday, July 6th 2002 13:51:37 (EDT)
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 "She Knows"   
 >Album "Self titled"


 She Knows                                  Written by Craig H. King

 D                     D7                          G     
 Saw her sitting there    her smile was everywhere   saw her go wish
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                            D       Dsus4 D                           
 I'd been strong enough to say hello      But I just stood and stared

       D7                               G                 
 as the  jukebox and smoke fill the air   ___________________________ 

                            D  Dsus4  G
 G            A              B  B A B G                A              
 I know she knows what it's like       And i'm pretty sure I saw her 
  B  B A B G                   A           B  B A B G
 cry        But I know those tears in her eyes       Because I know 

       A    B     A   B    G
 she knows just what it's like.