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Better Day Chords

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Date: Sunday, February 24th 2002 18:18:58 (EDT)
From: CHK

"Better Day"
>Album "Self titled"

Better Day                                   Written by: Craig H. King

Dm                                       Dsus4 C
It seems the world was wrong in my dreams.     In dreams the world Can

C                 C9 Dm                                  Dsus4 C
be better it seems.   I Close my eyes the rain washes away     Tears I
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C      C9        Dm         Dm       Dsus4 C         C          C
hide I cry for a better day.

C9           Dm        Dm         Dsus4 C         G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 G
I long for a better way

Dm                                   Dsus4 C
The truth is sometimes so hard to say.     She walks she runs she gets

C           C9 Dm                                  Dsus4
farther away.  Don't know how where or when how it all got so crazy

Dsus4            Dm          Dm          Dsus4 C           C
when will it end.

C9          Dm           Dm         Dm         Dsus4 C         C
On a better day my friend

G Cmaj7 G Cmaj7 C Dm