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Next Big Thing Chords

Next Big Thing by Fm Static's better to use power chords in this song..

You're the next big thing
The next big thing
They're gonna wanna shake your hand
and take a picture with your band
Everyone will shut their mouths
'cause they wanna hear you out
And they're gonna know your name
'cause you're the next...

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	D			A
There's no way of knowing just where you were going
	Bm			G
I'll take you for every last second and moment
D				A
"I'm so pleased to meet you", is how they will greet you
Bm				   G
while they're looking over your shoulder
	D			A
I've seen all the faces; been millions of places
	Bm		G
It's taken a lot not to lose all my patience
	D		A
For every good thing comes a whole lot of heartache
	Bm				G
I'll try hard to learn from all of my mistakes

D			A
Hold me back in case I lose control
	    Bm			G
and you can say goodbye to the days of old


Everybody put your hands up
Uh huh
Now here you are
with few more friends and a nicer car
but do you really know what the meaning of life is?

You've got the gift to make a wish
Will you ever give in to it to make a difference?
Now the kids that come to your shows
see your face everywhere you go