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Rock Me Tab

"Rock Me"
Acoustic Live Single
As recorded by Flying Dutchman

Capo 3
   Am          G     D        Am          G     D
       P                          P

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Intro and first break goes:  Am  C  G  D
The solo part of where he sing "You Rock" is very fast.
A combination of mutes of the verse pattern and some extremely fast strumming

The winter breeze comes again
It's taking me to a snowy mountain zen
Has it been that long?
Where did I go wrong?
I wish I could stay
Here with you today

You rock me
To my soul
You rock me
To my soul, yeah

In spring we'll weave a field of gold
The water runs through the valley of our souls
Was it meant to be this way?
I'd give all I could pay
To find my wings and fly
With you through the night



You rock!
You rock!
You rock...Me!