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Free Spirit Tab

Flying Dutchman    "Free Spirit"

Alternate guitar tuning: D# x A# D# A# D#

Intro (repeat 4x)

     h      h p  
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1st Verse (repeat 4x)         Chorus (repeat 2x)     "I believe in me(3x)"          "The free spirits"                              ""
                         p       h           h          


I might have lied once or twice
And I had hoped you'd write me a letter
I would have taken that advice
It would have helped me to get better

Let the wind fill my wing
Pulling me high I sing
I believed in me
And I believe in you
And I believe we can see
The free spirits that we want to be yeah

I've taken a road I know well
One of love and of friendship
I know it is much too soon to tell
If broken dreams can be mended