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Flying Burrito Brothers   Wheels   written by  Hillman/Parsons

G Em D G D
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D             G   G7    C              G
We've all got wheels to take ourselves away
          Em            D                 C
We've got telephones to say what we can't say
           G  G7      C            G
We all got higher and higher every day
C       G      D7             G
Come on wheels take this  boy away
      Em    D       G
We're not afraid to ride
      Em  D         C           G      C             G
We're not afraid to die come on wheels take me home  today
C          G      D7            G
So come on wheels take this boy away

G  Em  D  G  D

           G G7 C                 G
Now when I feel my time is almost up
    Em         D           C
And destiny is in my right hand
             G G      C                G
I'll turn to him  who made my faith so strong
C       G      D7              G
Come on wheels make this boy a man

                    Copyright @ 1969 Irving Music Inc.(BMI)
                    From the "Gilded Palace Of Sin" LP