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Far Away Boys Chords

Hello, everyone.  This is Flogging Molly's signature "sad song," so play it
slowly with a proper amount of wistfulness.  On the album version there's an
acoustic guitar strumming chords and a banjo picking out a slow arpeggio
throughout the whole song.  They play the solo on an accordion, but it sounds all
right on guitar as long as you've got another guitar playing the chords.

Flogging Molly - Far Away Boys


C...  (the closing chord of the previous song, Sentimental Johnny)

E    A    E    B
E    A    Am   E

        E             A            E           A
Well I worked on the railroad for two pence a day
  E             A         Am         E
Drank down one penny, the other I’d save
   E              A             E             A
I hammered and I hammered, for God knows how long
 E         A           Am            E
Well into madness with each setting sun
   E           A           E              B
I put my head down and I dreamt you were here
     E         A              Am            E
With me by the ol’ tree where no one could care


      E              A          E           A
Far away boys, far away boys, away from ya now
     E              A                Am            E
I’m lyin’ with my sweetheart, in her arms I’ll be found
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          E            A               E          A
Then the sun belched upon me, you were no longer here
 E              A           Am            E
Lyin’ in your place was my hammer and my gear
       E              A         E            A
So I stamped out the fire that kept us both warm
    E           A                Am           E
The ashes were fallin’ like the snow drops of old
    E         A             E               B
We came to a mountain, dynamite and she’ll blow
       E            A            Am         E
A big hole in that rock like the one in my soul

(play this solo as shown OR an octave up on the 1st string)


We buried four workmen; they dug themselves well
From four empty coffins to four early graves
They’re only paddies, just paddies; don’t dig them too deep
You’ll need all your strength, boys, and they’re replaced easily
With the heat I was melting into your sweet lips
Ah, your kiss takes me back, takes me back from all this


Someone said it was Christmas but not a tree was in sight
The only thing growin’ was my will to die
Till the gaffer said “Men, your work here is done”
I said “I’ll see you in Hell, on that train we died for”
Never again will I smell your sweet dream
But a pissed stained old gutter where your lips used to be


Quite simple, as all their songs tend to be.  That's it for now.  Enjoy it!