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Dont Shut Em Down Chords

Artist: Flogging Molly
Song: Don't Shut 'em Down
Album: Speed of Darkness
Capo on 2

Not 100% sure of the chords but I am just about certain they are correct. The 
outro may be all that's incorrect. Place Capo on 2

4/4 time

G D A(hold)

A A A G/D(A for 3 measures, G and D for the 4th) Repeat once more

A   E
Sad days
G           D
Kissing the cheeks of the
A   E
        G       D
Who are walking away
A  E
    G            D           G         D       E
The pubs are all closin, the system is broken, decayed.


A   E
   G           D
Is down at the depot
  A   E
        G           D
Are the only things built.
A    E
         G          D           G          D         E
Wave goodbye to eachother, this country is over they say.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/f/flogging_molly/dont_shut_em_down_crd.html ]
Yeah this life
In a modern town.
    G                             A
The windows smashed open with the doors kicked out.
     A                      D
It's not a good day left to be in a fight.
    G                         A
Cuz livin is hard through the struggles of life.
   G                       D        G
If nothing gets done it'll never be right.
                  A A A G/D
But don't shut em down

A   E
    G            D
The twenty-first century's been
A  E
         G           D
It's the sign of the times.
A   E
     G         D                G           D             E
Decomposing in slumber, there's no work for all till they wake.


F        C
Too many faults no reasons
F             C
The rain that falls dry bleedin
F        C            E         
Upon the ashes of our homes, our homes, save our homes

[Bass solo]

The word on the street here is
There's a riot on hand.
A  E
      G           D               G        D            E
Takin care of the people, there's no other way or we'll break.

[Chorus] Repeat once more

[Outro] Played the same as the pre-verse
A                                            G         D       A
Sad days, kissing the cheeks of the families(But don't shut em down)
A                                            G         D       A
Sad days, kissing the cheeks of the families(You won't shut em down)

Again I apologize for any incorrections. Song is brand new but I believe I have it all correct