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Peacekeeper Chords

Peacekeeper – Fleetwood Mac
Chords by Burton Colter
Please email me if you find any mistakes!  Cheers

Capo 3

Intro Em – 2 bars

1st Verse
Em                          C
We make all of our sons the same
Everyone will suffer the fire we’ve made
Em                        C
They all explode just the same
And there’s no going back on the plans we’ve laid

Em          Am        D
Peacekeeper take your time
             G       Em
Wait for the dark of night
             Am        D
Soon all the suns will rise
Em          Am         D
Peacekeeper don’t tell why
         G         Em
Don’t be afraid to fight
            Am    D
Love is the sweet suprise
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2nd Verse
Em                              C
Only creatures who are on their way
Ever poison their own well
Em                        C
But we still have time to hate
And there’s still something we can sell


C                 Em
When the night is cold and still
C                      Em
When you thought you’d had your fill
C            Em
Take all the time you will
C                           Em
This is not a test, this is not a drill
C                      Em
Take no prisoners only kill

3rd Verse
Em                              C
You know all of our friends are gods
And they all tell us how to paint our face
Em                            C
But there’s only one brush we need
It’s the one that never leaves a trace

Chorus x 2