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Praise The Day Chords

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Verse 1:

 G                 D                           Em                     C
 Lost my cool at a brand new school where the kids all smelled kinda strange
        G                     D                                Em
 and I threw my chair when I caught the teachers glare as she called me 
little mary jane
 G                      D                      Em                    C
All the ribbing that i god damn took from the kids left my ego in a whirl
 G                           D                                 Em            
And the kids would say as i sat amd watched them play hey the kid are you a 
boy or a girl?
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G                   B                E                       A           G   
Praise the day i'm old and grey and don't look much like a girl and the kids 
     B         E            A        C                D            
all come and dance in the streets proclaiming me the king of the world
                                    E  A  G  A

  E                    B                            A
Illistarte my weekly pass comes across as feeling crass submit for credit or 
just share your thoughts.
 E                       B                                    A           
Search my archive for a joke a thousand drives and beers and hopes look out 
           G        E                           B                           
god i'm gonna die.  My black candle won't stop smoking even thought i blew 
    A                             E        E                  B           
it out my stigmata are signs of disease.  Reputation as the finest burnt 
                    A                     G     
your bridges to be sane look out god im gonna die.
  (Play the last verse in open position till it gets to C)
 G                 D                         Em                         C    
In the end i will surely transcend all the things i was never meant to be. 
     G                       D                  Em                           
And with some skill and a little good will on ladies night i'll get in bars 
for free

(Then goes back to the refrain)