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                             Flashlight Brown

A                                D
Thought that I was nothing more than one of your pawns 

              A                         D
While you stormed your ladder rung by rung  

                 A                            D
Though your conscience bled about everything you said 

   Bm                         E
I sincerely hope you had a little fun 
And I bet it felt swell to damn me to hell 
While the rest of us lost our cool 
Yet still I live despite what you did 
Because I know that I am uglier than you 
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A                   C#m                    F#m           E
Fight the power, fight the future, fight the CDA 
Fight your conscience, fight your jesus, lose me on your way 

Something came around the corner 

Something went a little wrong 

Call me fag, have some class 

Come on fatso kick my ass 

Break for a lunch of model glue punch 
And a thermos of your mother's Pam 
You made it quite clear you didn't want me near 
And I faked it like I didn't give a damn 
And Sonia Bianchi never lost touch 
With the way you never lost your cool
And although you're a prick and make people sick 
I guess this world doesn't need another fool 

Now in the end I'm forced to contend 
That my personal war is through 
Now I'm dumped and your ego's pumped 
Cause somebody wrote a song about you