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                                 Flashlight Brown

Intro (G B A# F) x3 G B C D 

G                      B
Left it in the road with a bottle and a toad

        A#                 F
and i wrapped it 30 times in a steal chain, baby 

G   B     A#    F
My bike is gone 

G                        B
Left it in the street with a bottle at your feet

      A#               F
and a laser beam alarm but someone must have swiped it 
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G   G     C    D
My bike is gone 

C                       D
Just picked it up from the local bike shop 

      G            Em
After 3 long years of saving up, baby 

C   D      G F#  G
My bike is gone 

Forced myself to walk to the local cop shop 
where i relayed them my story and they kindly disregarded me 
My bike is gone 
Anger made me woozy so i went and bought an uzi 
and i marched around the town trying to be a vigilante 
My bike is gone 

G                  D
Never know what they say Never know what they