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Bedstead Men Chords

Capo Fret 1

              G               D
When you're walking in the country,
             G        D
Far from villages or towns,
             Am               D            G
When you're seven miles from nowhere and beyond

          G              D
In some dark, deserted forest
       G             D
Or a hollow of the downs,
         Am             D             G
You may come across a lonely pool or pond

             E            Am
And you'll always find a big, brass,
Broken bedstead by the bank
         Bm                             E
There's one in every loch, or mere, or fen

        Bm                     G
Don't think it's there by accident,
      E              F#
It's us you have to thank,
      E          F#            Bm
The society of British bedstead men
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          G               D          
Oh, the hammer-ponds of Sussex
         G                 D
And the mill-ponds of the west
     G                    D          Am      D        G
Are part of Britain's heritage, the part we love the best

       G                D
Every eel and fish and mill-pond
        G             D
Has a beauty all can share
     G               D                  Am     D        G
But not unless it's got a big, brass, broken bedstead there

F#     Bm
So we filch them out of attics
F#   Bm
  We beg them from our friends
    G               D                 F#
We buy them up in auction lots with other odds and ends

         Bm                     G
Then we drag them, 'cross the meadows,
           D             E
When the moon is in the sky,
     Bm                  E                 F#            Bm
So watch the wall, my darling, while the bedstead men go by