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Would I Be Crying Chords

Key of Bb
Best played with capo on 1st fret


x6  x6
3   3  3
3   5  3
x   x  x
x   x  x
x   x  x
x   x  x
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I can't be lying
D                     G
Can't you see that I'm crying
Would be I crying
D                   G    G7
If i were lying to you...
              C        Cm
My heart is about to break
    G                  E7
I regret making my mistake
My love for you burns the same
                    D   Eb      D
And my tears can't put out the flame
Would you forgive me
D                     G
Oh.., darling, forgive me
You must believe me
D                G  G7
I will also be true
               C             Cm
Would I be crying my heart out for you
       G              E7
And hurting the way I do
              Am7             D
Would I be crying if I were lying
To you..