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Too Late Chords

Am             F       G             Am
Gone  are the chances  I have passed by
F            G          Am
Sewn all my seeds to the wind
Am           F          G           Am
Time can be nothing but pain in disguise
F           G       Am
I'll never see you again

          C   G       F             Am          C
And it's too late to think of what I've left behind
G                F           Am
Dreams that have faded from view
C    G     G   Am
Too late, too late,
     C              G           F
I've burned all my bridges with you
...   G             Am  
And I can't walk on water
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   Am               F           G         Am
The road that I've travaled is all that I know
F               G           Am
Paved with each piece of my soul
         Am        G        G         Am
And it's taken me far, but left you behind,
        F           G       Am
And I'm longing to see you again

Chorus: But it's too late ... bridges with you (same chords)
Am                 F                 Am
Did I reach for a sky that wasn't my own?
Am          C                    F          Am   G     F   
Lost in an own world, now I can never come home ... to you

Chorus: And it's too late ... faded from view (same chords)
+ C    G            G7          Am
  Too late, there's no turning back
   Am          G     F
  Nothing that I can undo
         G             Am
  And I can't walk on water...  

(Outro: C G G Am F G Am)