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You Know I Love You Chords

You Know I Love You - Kenny Rogers and the First Edition

F	                        C7                      Bb
When the morning sun, streaks a	cross my room, and I'm 	wakin up,

                       F                              C7
from another dream of you, yes I'm on the road, once again it seems,

 	Bb                                 F
all I've left behind, is a chain of broken dreams.

F               C7              Bb             F
But you know I 	love you, Yes I love you, Oh I love you.

F                             C7                      Bb
How I wish that love, was all we need to live, what A life we'd

have, cause I've got so much to give, and it seems so wrong, deep

   C7                      Bb                                F 
inside my heart, that the dollar sign, should be keeping us apart.
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        Bb                            F
And if 	only I could find my way back to the time, when the

Bb                                 F
problems of this life had not yet crossed our minds, all the

Bb                                           F
answers could be found in children’s nursery rhymes, I'd come

C7              F             C7               F
running back to you, I'd come running back to you.

F                               C7                  Bb
But you know we can't, live on dreams alone, and to pay the rent,

                      F                                     C7
I must leave you all alone, you know I made my choice, many years

              Bb                                 F
ago, now this traveling life, is the only one I know.

Repeat Chorus 3 times and fade....

This is an Oldie but Goodie