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Tell It All Brother Chords

CHORUS: Tell it(G) all Brother, (C)before we(D)fall,
        Tell it(G) all Brothers and Sisters, (C)te..(D)ell it (G)all
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   1) (G) How much you're holding (Em) back on me,
      (C) When you say you're giving (D)all?
      (Bm)And in the dungeons (Em)of your mind,
      (C) Who you got chained to the (D)wall?
   2)     Did you plant your feet on higher ground,
          To avoid lifes's mud and stone?
          Did you ever kick a good man when he was down
          Just to make yourself feel strong?
   Bridge:(Bm)Tomorrow just might (Em)be too late, (C)now is the (D)time
          (Bm)To get your jumbled (Em) mind straight,
          (C) And seek A new de(D)sign
   3)     Did you ever walk for a crippled man,
          Pretending you were lame?
          And what makes you think one feeble hand to God,
          Was gonna make Him call your name?
          3x{Tell it (G) all Brother,(C) before we (D)fall, tell it (G)all
             Brothers and Sisters, (C)Te...(D)ell}x3
          Tell it {SLOW)(G)all, (D)fa...ll
          (G)Tell it A...........ll
Note: obviously simplified version, listen to the song for phrasing, timing, and a few 
frills on guitar. If any corrections need, please post the improved version. Mitakuye Oyasin!