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Honey Please Bass Tab

**BASS TAB for "Honey, please" from the 1987 fIREHOSE album IF'N**
**by Mike Watt, Ed Crawford.**************************************
******************************Published by SST Records************

It's fantastic and easy to play! Mike Watt is without a doubt the
greatest bass player on the face of the earth so I've surely got
some of the following wrong. It's close enough anyway. 

For the GLISS it sounds like the bass slides away from the note to
somewhere lower.

Fig.1                                                   Fig.2
G:|----------|----------|----------|-----------|        |-----|
D:|-9--------|-7--------|-6--------|-7---------|        |--7--|
A:|---11-9-7-|----9-7-6-|----6-7-9-|----7-9-11-|        |-----|
E:|----------|----------|----------|-----------|        |-----|

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Fig.3                                           Fig.4
G:|---------|---------|---------|------|        |----------|
D:|---------|---------|---------|------|        |----------|
A:|---------|---------|---------|------|        |----------|
E:|-7-7-7-7-|-5-5-5-5-|-4-4-4-4-|--5\--|        |-0--7-5-3-|


Fig.1 (play 3 3/4 times) then Fig.2 : verses 1, 2, 3.

Fig.3 (play twice) : chorus

Fig.4 (play 7 times) then Fig.5 : interlude

Fix a place inside a station
With a pace in time with spacing.               Verse 1
Mix the makings, foot the fakings.
Shit forsaken! Lying in the sun baking!

Hey honey please! Honey please!                 Chorus
Hey honey please! Hey honey!

Meter reading, facts a-feeding.
Got a place on book o'mason.                    Verse 2
Pert near(?) hard core (koa?) almost nearly more.
I'm embarassed for showing you the other door.



Keep an eye on there in Washington
Watch the watchingmen there in Washington.       Verse 3
Feel for you, feel for me,
feel for the light that liberates the day!


Rest 4 measures

Play verse.
Chorus (twice)

That's it. I'll try 'Hellhole' next.

Dan Capper, Birmingham, UK.