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Brave Captain Chords

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Brave Captain

	Am	577555 (low to high)
	Bm7	797777

intro:  Am (4x)
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Am	Bm7    Am		Bm7
Captain, 	there are doubts
Am      Bm7    Am	  Bm7
Regarding      your ability
Am         Bm7 Am    Bm7
To lead them,  the men
Am       Bm7   Am 	Bm7
Lead them!


D	  G      D       G
There are doubts in your ability
D		 G	D	G
There's too many blanks in your analogy

Lieutenant, there is talk
Pertaining interpretations
The problems, describe them


The enemy turned captain
And the captain turned civillian
The liutenant turned casualty
The liutenant turned casualty


repeat last verse

chorus (2x)

F G A (2x)
Dan Lovall