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I Know Chords

This is a gorgeous song, played in 6/4 time, very slowly.
Forgive the funny spacing, I've tried to lay out the chords in correspondence
to the words.  You really have to hear the song to get it precise though.


C  Fm  C  Fm

C  Am  G  C

C    Fm    
So be it I'm your crowbar

C             Fm
If that's what I am so far

C          Am   G       C
Until you get out of this mess

C          Fm
And I will pretend

C                 Fm
That I don't know of your sins

C           Am     G      F
Until you are ready to confess

F          Dm   Fm  D
But all the time, all the time

C       F      C      F
I'll know, I'll know

C           Fm
And you can use my skin

C       Fm
To bury secrets in

C      Am  G          C
And I will settle you down

C         Fm
And at my own suggestion

C      Fm
I will ask no questions

C              A          G     F
While I do my thing in the background

F           Dm   Fm  D
But all the time, all the time
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C        F     C     F
I'll know, I'll know


E   Am  (two measures each chord)

E                       Am
Baby -- I can't help you out

F                 C    
While she's still around

C    Fm       C  
So for the time being

C    Fm    C  Am  G  C
I'm being patient

C            Fm
And amidst this bitterness

C               Fm
If you'll just consider this

C         Am      G     F
Even if it don't make sense

Dm       Fm      D 
All the time, give it time

C             Fm          C     
And when the crowd becomes your burden

     Fm                        C
And you've early closed your curtain

      Am          G        C
I'll wait by the backstage door

C         Fm 
While you try to find

C        Fm
The lines to speak your mind

C                 Am    G      F
And pry it open hoping for an encore

          Dm           Fm     D  
And if it gets too late for me to wait

C                    E            C  
For you to find you love me, and tell me so

Am    D   F            G   
It's ok, don't need to say it...

Outro - C  Fm  (six measures, ending on C)