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Rough Dreams Chords

Verse Chords:

G, F#/D, C, F#/D


C, Bm, Cm7
C, Bm, C, D


C, Bm, Em, G


G, Bm, Am, Am

Here is an attempt to line the chord changes with the lyrics to give you an idea... 
the format is making a little tricky so use your imagination!

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G                     F#/D
Waist deep - hands on the water.
C                      F#/D              G           
   F#/D      C        D
A little boy is wading, just laugh it off.
G                     F#/D             C             
 F#/D      G    F#/D     C     D
Could it be a shadow of anxiety reaching out?
C                               Bm
I want a cure but I don't want to listen.
Sometimes I still feel so dry.
C                      Bm                         C
I descend, don't know what I'm missing...
That's why I'm calling for you.

C                   Bm
Sometimes I'd rather be a good memory
      Em                              G
But I won't be there to comfort you.

The Outro is simply   G  Bm Am  Am